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Steven Van Betten, Odeya Nini, and Archie Carey.

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In the past few years, I have created hundreds of arrangements and transcriptions for the innovative sheet music companies, Chromatik and Jammit. Below you will find a selection of my work:

Arrangements for Chromatik

Transcriptions for Jammit

the wulf. (2014)

Three Thirds' Record Release show at the wulf.

MicroFest 2014

program notes

Raggled, Taggled & Retuned, a concert I curated as part of MicroFest 2014. The theme: Folk Music meets Just Intonation. Three Thirds play Woody Guthrie arrangements and folk-inspired originals. The highlight must have been ‘Buffalo Skinner’ wsg/ Larry Polansky during which we play through a 5.1 earthquake! The quake happens around 5:30 in the last video.


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! (2015)

Three Thirds' debut album of originals

Buffalo Skinner: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie (2014)

Three Thirds arrange five folk songs

The Great Hunt (2012)

A setting of a Carl Sandburg poem

Common Thread (2012)

Sweater Weather (2010)

An album ranging from folky pop songs to sitar/tabla/flute instrumentals.

Places (2009)

the debut album of Light in August

selected scores

A Round The Sun (2014)

An ongoing collection of rounds about nature and the cosmos

Bhairavi (2012)

orchestra piece that explores the Indian mode by the same name

over the anvil we stretch (2012)

violin, harp

Woodwind Quintet (2012)

a short piece in just intonation

Ruina (2012)

classical guitar, prepared piano, tuned gongs

ჰარმონიები (2012)

accordion solo

'Sweater Wolf' trio (2011)

cello, viola, violin

The Lyre Bird (2011)

for percussion trio and bird calls

Theme from 'Identity' (2011)

string ensemble

Cello Etude #1 (2010)

a short piece exploring natural harmonics and left hand pizzicatos

Joga (2010)

Bjork arrangement for french horn and string quartet

Lake Catherine (2010)

voice and charango (or guitar)

Trio Etude #1 (2010)

flute, charango, and percussion

Invention in D major (2008)


Arco Iris (2007)

piano duet

Suspend (2006)

voice, guitar, piano

Measuring Eternity (2004)

solo classical guitar


On the Conception and Measure of Consonance (2012)

for the Acoustics Issue of the Leonardo Music Journal


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The Plain of Jars (2012)

Just Intonation guitar duo (co-composed with Brendan Byrnes)

ჰარმონიები (2012)

accordion solo

Ruina (2012)

classical guitar, prepared piano, gongs

The Lyre Bird (2012)

percussion trio

Enjera EP (2011)

A short collection of compositions for sitar, bansuri, tabla, slide guitar and tuning fork + an arrangement of George Harrison's 'Within You Without You'.

Arco Iris (2008)

pretty piano

Arco Iris


Reverend Elisha Mitchell (2015)

Animation by Emily Weeks, performed by Three Thirds

The Raven's Deal (2014)

directed by Manuel Rios Zertuche, co-composed with Ivan Carames

Botes al Amanecer (2012)

co-composed with Ivan Carames, screened at Cannes Film Festival

Died 100 Times (2012)

foley/sound design

Dogs of War (2012)

slide guitar and sound design

Vampire Gastelbrau (2011)

violin and accordion

Sweater Wolf (2011)

string trio

Identity (2011)

classical guitar, reverse piano, viola da gamba

Khalela (2010)

Light in August music video

Annabelle and Bear (2010)

opening montage featuring song "Headline News"

songs Songs

film Film
scores Scores


the wulf.

Dog Star 11: Happy Valley Band and Desert Magic

Friday, May 23rd, 8:00pm, Los Angeles, CA


Micro Guitars Chamber Music @ Monk Space

performing The Great Hunt, a 25' minute song cycle

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015, Los Angeles, CA


Three Thirds' CD RELEASE! wsg/ Anna Ash

Saturday, March 28th, 2015, Los Angeles, CA


Vernal Equinox celebration w/Magic Wands and The Warlocks

Friday, March 20th, 8:00pm, Los Angeles, CA

Ham and Eggs

Alex as Desert Magic w/ Frank Fairfield and Fanny Paths

Monday, Dec. 15th, 8:00pm, Los Angeles, CA

Occidental College

live sitar for group meditation event

Friday, Dec. 3rd, 6:00pm, Los Angeles, CA

Ham and Eggs Tavern

w/ River Song and Joshua Payne Orchestra

Sunday, Oct. 26th, 8:00pm, Los Angeles, CA

MicroFest - Raggled, Taggled & Retuned (2014)

Three Thirds perform retuned folk music

the wulf. (2014)

Buffalo Skinner Record Release show

MicroFest - California Guitars (2013)

premier of Dylan Thomas song cycle

Ear Meal (2013)

A live performance on LA's Ear Meal webcast

Stars, Songs, Faces (2012)

my graduate composer recital

MicroFest 2013

An original song cycle using three Dylan Thomas poems:

A process in the weather of the heart

Should Lanterns Shine

Do not go gentle into that good night


Alex is a Grammy Award winning musician based in Los Angeles. He is a composer and songwriter interested in non-western music, poetry, storytelling, and alternate tuning systems. He has performed at venues and festivals from California to Tibet such as REDCAT, Art Share, The University of Minnesota, and the Xinghai International Poetry Festival. Alex sings and plays guitar, sitar and other various stringed instruments and performs in Three Thirds, Desert Magic, and Partch. Originally from Detroit, he studied music composition at the University of Michigan and at CalArts with composers Bright Sheng, Michael Fink, Ulrich Krieger, and Wolfgang von Schweinitz.

Stars, Songs, Faces (2012)

program notes, poems, lyrics

The Plain of Jars

just intonation guitar duet


accordion solo


classical guitar, prepared piano, gongs

The Lyre Bird

percussion trio

Moon Rondeau + Lake Catherine

folky songs

Reverend Elisha Mitchell + 25 Cent Avocados

more folky songs

DB Cooper

a true story

The Great Hunt

a song cycle based on poems by Carl Sandburg